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  • STAJA Wapening builds concrete armouring since the beginning in 1976. STAJA Wapening knows what is going on in the building world. With our knowhow and high-tech production machinery we are able to help you fast and with great ability.

Staja Wapening B.V.

Visitors address:

Molenenk 4
7255 AX Hengelo Gld.
The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)575-461815
Fax: +31(0)575-463880
Email: [email protected]
KvK nr: 09131823

Postal address:

STAJA Wapening B.V.
Postbus 91
7255 ZH Hengelo Gld.
The Netherlands

J. Roenhorst / [email protected]
H. Jansen / [email protected]

Here you can download our METAALUNIE TERMS AND CONDITIONS 2014  which shall apply to all orders.


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